It pays to breastfeed!

I saw an interesting article a few weeks ago about a government plan in Britain to pay mothers to breastfeed! Britain has one of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world. It seems the practice is more commonly accepted by those in affluent areas of the country but is limited in poorer areas.

The trial begins with 130 women in two parts of the country with the poorest breastfeeding rates. These women will be paid the equivalent of $190 if they breastfeed for the first six weeks of life, and this amount is raised to $270 if they continue through six months. While it doesn’t clearly state this, I don’t think they need to exclusively breastfeed.

Indeed, it was only decades ago in the United States that breastfeeding took a sharp hit when formula was invented and pediatricians frowned on the practice of mothers feeding their children breast milk. They called it crude and scientifically unfounded. (Thank you very much, American Academy of Pediatrics.)

Upon checking out the CDC’s 2013 Breastfeeding Report Card for the U.S., I was pleased to see that women in the past 20 years have ignored the “experts,” so that 76% of American women now breastfeed.

Additionally, the great news is that these trends have been moving upward since the year 2000. A big shout out to Idaho for having the highest numbers across the board with 60% still breastfeeding exclusively at 3 months. Go Idaho!

Breastfeeding Cost Analysis

*Homeopathy is safe and effective while Breastfeeding.
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