Breastfeeding 3rd World Countries

The Breast Milk Elixir

LUCKNOW, India — What if there were a remedy that could save more children’s lives in the developing world than are claimed by Malaria and AIDS combined? A miracle substance that reduces ear infections while seeming to raise scores on I.Q. tests by several points? Available even in the most remote villages, requiring no electricity …

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Breastfeeding Sleep

Researchers propose ‘Breastsleeping’ as a new word and concept

As far as titles in academic journals go, it’s quite the attention-getter. “There is no such thing as Infant sleep, there is no such thing as Breastfeeding, there is only Breastsleeping,” reads the title of a new peer-reviewed commentary piece by University of Notre Dame anthropologists James McKenna and Lee Gettler that appears in the …

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